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Friday, September 15, 2017

D3's Scientists

This term D3 have been writing explanations about how to be a good scientist.

 A good scientist explores new things. Lots of scientists study hard to do new experiments. Scientists have discovered the whole world, if there weren’t any scientists we would not know any history of the world. Sometimes experiments can go wrong but they will keep on trying. Would you like to be a scientist? Well I would absolutely love to be a scientist because I would have my own lab and my own lab coat. By Rishan.

Many people think only some people are gifted and can be scientists but they are 100% wrong. Any body can be whatever they want to be. But we are all born to be scientists in different ways. All the things you need to be a scientist or do is be curious and question every idea you’ve got. So now does that ensure you 100% that it doesn’t matter what age you are or that you dont have to be a boy or girl? Are you still wondering how to be a good scientist? Well, here are 4 more things… Firstly a good scientist always stops half way and says how am I going? Secondly to be a great scientist you always should have your head held high and never give up. Thirdly a scientist observes and learns from people like other scientists. Lastly a scientist is always curious about things around them and questions everything they know. So now are you encouraged? You can be a scientist and now it’s your turn to show the world how you can make difference. By Ella

First, a good scientist always tries something new but also they never give up. Scientists also explore, investigate and even wonder. When people make projects and it doesn’t work they keep trying and they never give up. All people are born scientists. People can be scientists because they can invent things like marble maker. Next, they have to have strong evidence. For example if people don’t believe them then they can show them. After, scientists all hypothesise about what will happen or what the experiment will do. E.g. hypothesising means you think about what’s going to happen. Finally, they also have an open mind and listen to suggestions. For example if you have a plan and some one gives you a suggestion, it’s an idea. By Uzair.

  A good scientist keeps on trying and never gives up. Also, did you know we were all born as fantastic scientists? We’re all curious and ask questions. When we were babies we touched everything and looked around everywhere. First, a good scientist follows a scientific method. They hypothesise about what might happen, hypothesis means to make an educated guess but not to make a silly guess like this, baking soda and white vinegar will turn into a elephant. Secondly, a good scientist plans and follows the procedure carefully, they also measure and do hard steps carefully and accurately. The procedure is to test if their hypothesis is correct. Scientists have made our lives better by inventing things. Also, scientists can be girls or boys. Finally, scientists record what they observe and notice during the scientist experiment, so scientists can use it as evidence. After they check the results of the experiment and also analyse what happened. By Zaafiya

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