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Friday, March 4, 2016

D3's Revolting Descriptions of the Beastly Mr Twit

Mr Twit is an ugly, horrifying and unhygienic man who is the number one stinkiest man in the world! He smells like rotten eggs, rotten spiders and a dead rat. His face is covered in prickly, spiky and rough hair. He has the worst hair in the world because it is infested. In his bushy, fat, dirty beard are chunks of bird pie, drips of funky soup and crumbs of old rotten bird pie. Also, you would not want to go near him if you ever did see him because he hasn't had a shower for years and years!

By Tamara

Have you ever met a man named Mr Twit? If you haven't then I'll tell you what he's like. At the end I'll ask you if you really want to meet him! Well here it is...
If you see him lock all of the doors and windows and tight because you can smell him from 200 miles away! So would you want to meet him? Well it's up to you!
Mr Twit is a revolting, terrifying and horrible old man who could easily win the world's yuckiest old man competition. He smells like rotten spiders and dead rats with maggoty old pie. His face is covered in thick, bushy and spiky hair. In his beard are bits of rotten spaghetti, slimy slithery snails and chunky bits of bird pie.
Mr Twit is a despicable, miserable and immature old man. He is despicable because he kills baby birds for silly bird pie. He is also very childish because he pranks Mrs Twit by putting slimy frogs in her bed.

By Lucy

Mr Twit is a revolting, terrifying and vile man and when he talks he spits on other people. He smells like a rotten egg that has been left out for two months, rotten spiders and dead rats. He also smells like old moldy bread and whenever someone goes near him they have to go around him because of his smell. His face is covered in filthy, spiky and nail-bristly hair. In his bushy beard is old gum, slimy snails and crumbs of rotten bread.
Mr Twit is a lunatic and a childish, despicable man. He is a lunatic because he plays nasty tricks on Mrs Twit and she doesn't like it. He is also childish as he antagonised his wife by putting a slimy frog in her bed. When Mrs Twit went to sleep she felt something wet jumping on her, she screamed when she it was a frog and ran out to sleep on the chair.

By Jael

Mr Twit is an ugly, despicable and dirty man who you could smell from New Zealand if he was in Africa! He smells like vile expired milk with flies floating in it and dead rat guts. His face is covered in sweaty, unhygienic and filthy bristly tufts of hair. In his beard there is rotting sardines, dry noodles hanging and slimy slugs combined with maggoty old baby mice tails.
Mr Twit is a mental, conniving and lazy man. He is conniving because he made his wife's walking stick taller and made her think she was shrinking. Mr Twit is also mental as he kills innocent birds for bird pie.

By Evile


  1. what amazing storys and wonderful describing about Mr. twit

  2. wonderful describing about the beastly mouldy Mr. Twit

  3. WOW! I love how you used strong and lovely adjectives that describes the ugly, monstrous, beastly and mouldy Mr twit.

    well done and wonderful job D3