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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

D3's World Environment Day

D3 celebrated World Environment Day by coming up with individual pledges to look after our environment. A pledge is a promise.

D3 came up with some of these pledges...

I pledge to:

  • use a bucket to collect rain water to water the gardens
  • give my old toys away to other people, instead of throwing them away
  • turn off the light when I leave the room to save power
  • have shorter showers to save water and money
  • keep rubbish in my pocket until I find a bin
  • put rubbish in the right bin
  • reuse materials
  • turn of the tap while I'm brushing my teeth
  • make sure I turn the tap off properly
D3 then signed a class pledge.

Our class pledges to do our part to protect the environment and work toward a healthier Earth for future generations.

Have a look at our awesome work that we did with Mrs Sole

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  1. wow what a cool idea D3 i wis i was there.